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I need to add PPAs on Ubuntu 14.04.3 from a file that contains a list of repositories, as follows:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: $ (cat ppas.list)


sudo add-apt-repository $ (cat ppas.list)

or yet

cat ppas.list | xargs sudo add-apt-repository

But these don't work and the following error appears: "Error: need a single repository as argument".

Can someone assist?

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it has been cross-posted on Stack Overflow: – kos Jan 25 at 22:41

Use -L1 to tell xargs to use only one input line per command:

cat ppas.list | xargs -L1 sudo add-apt-repository
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Nice, I didn't know about that option. However you could also suggest to use the -a option of xargs instead of the useless cat (xargs -a ppas.list -L1 sudo add-apt-repository). – kos Jan 25 at 22:11
This will choke badly on whitespace(s) in the name.. – heemayl Jan 26 at 1:25
@heemayl: Whitspaces aren't allowed in PPA names – Florian Diesch Jan 26 at 1:34

You could use a loop (and you'll probably want to add the -y option to the add-apt-repository command to avoid being prompted for a confirmation for each repository):

while read x; do
    sudo add-apt-repository -y "$x"
done <file
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It works with the following command:

for i in $(cat ppas.list); do sudo add-apt-repository "$i"; done
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I found the solution:… – aleroxac Jan 25 at 22:27

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