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How does the ssh daemon start on Ubuntu server? I see /etc/init.d/ssh, but I don't see any sym-links to it from the rc?.d directories.

I have a situation I'm trying to troubleshoot where a server becomes unresponsive on reboot after I add my own script to the shutdown/startup process with update-rc.d client-services defaults 98 02

On reboot, ssh shuts down, and that's the last I hear of the box (I don't have console or syslog access so I'm working blind here).

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It looks like it uses upstart, instead of System V init. Take a look at /etc/init/ssh.conf.

Take a look at Anarci's post explaining Upstart from your other question: How to write an init script that will execute an existing start script?

I don't know much about Upstart, but I do know that it is intended to replace System V init, and is used for many of the startup processes in Ubuntu now.

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