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How do I login to Ubuntu 15.10 directly using root account?

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Please give some context: it depends what you mean by "login" and it depends what you mean by "directly". What are you trying to do, exactly? – steeldriver Jan 15 at 16:39
Hi, what i would like to do is to enter from the login screen when i start my pc so that I see root as user an then I enter the password which i have already set thru # sudo passwd root. Sorry i was not very specific first. Any advice would be appreciated – dante becerra lagos Jan 15 at 16:52
There are two reasons root login is disabled. First, it is insecure. Second it is unnecessary. – Marc Jan 15 at 17:25
If you want to use a system with root Ubuntu is not your operating system and try Fedora, CentOS or SUSE. Debian based systems use "sudo". – Rinzwind Jan 16 at 6:27

Root account is disabled in Ubuntu for login by default. You would have to change root password to login directly.

Personally i suggest you login to root through your sudo account with sudo -i

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Hi Serg, Thanks for your info. But is it possible to have root as a user in the login screen when you first enter Ubuntu OS? How can I do this? please tell me the steps, Thanks – dante becerra lagos Jan 15 at 17:26
So login to GUI with root . . . possible but not recommended, because you are going to be running the whole graphical environnment as root . . .which means security holes possible – Serg Jan 15 at 17:29
HI Serg,That's right. even if it implies security holes i'd like to try. – dante becerra lagos Jan 15 at 17:59
Running a desktop as root will break it for the user used to install the system. If you want to use a root user use another operating system like Fedora, CentOS or SUSE and not a Debian based system. – Rinzwind Jan 16 at 7:10

Yes you can login as a root user however this is in no way suggested. I would also recommend sudo -i to emulate root. However this being Linux you can do as you wish and enable root. This can cause major security holes and is not recommend! sudo passwd root create a password and now you can login as root. To disable root sudo passwd -dl root

You can read more about root access here.

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