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I have two monitors the left/primary is aligned horizontally but the right/secondary is aligned vertically. When I first installed, I set this up without problem using the display settings. But when I installed the nvidia driver, I can no longer rotate the second monitor. I looked into the nvidia x server settings but I don't see any option to rotate the display and when I look at the display settings, it only sees one large "Unknown" monitor.

OS: Linux-X86_64 (Ubuntu 11.10)

GPU: Nvidia NVS 290

Nvidia drivers: version: current

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In your NVIDIA X Server Settings, do you have the item "X Server Display Configuration"? Is this where you see just one large "unknown" monitor? Does the "Detect Displays" button make any difference? – Joe P Oct 25 '11 at 20:17
@Joe In the NVIDIA X Server Settings I see both monitors. The configuration is set to Twinview. But when I look under "System Settings" - "Display" all I see is one large "unknown" monitor. In the original install, I could see both monitors on this screen which I could rotate however I wanted. So I guess I'm asking if its possible through the NVIDIA interface to rotate a display. – Ben Oct 25 '11 at 20:27
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Rotate just one monitor with Ubuntu/Nvidia worked for me on Ubuntu 10.10; YMMV. Please note that Xinerama conflicts with Compiz - I no longer get desktop effects. Posted a separate question about this issue.

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