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I don't know what all these ^[[6~ mean.

Suddenly all my apps kept scrolling down, so then I decided to restart my laptop and as it booted the screen kept flashing. Check attached images.

First image

Second Image

Third Image

repeating ^[[6~

After restarting my laptop is working normally, but I can see this error every time I restart it.

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"Suddenly all my apps kept scrolling down" important hint – Braiam Jan 10 at 12:47
Thank you for editing. – hema18 Jan 10 at 12:50
Have you considered inlining your images? – wizzwizz4 Jan 10 at 14:03
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The repeating ^[[6~ means that your Pg Dn key is being held down. It also explains why your apps kept scrolling down.

Your Pg Dn key is likely jammed. Try to release it.

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I have an old Windows 98 laptop which is convinced the DEL key is being held down, and will only stop beeping when the key is pressed to trigger the key up interrupt. It might be an issue like that, where this will happen every time the computer boots. – wizzwizz4 Jan 10 at 14:05
I know that some keys get a response like that when hold down, but I am kind of curious how you managed to get the actual key from that string. Is there some kind of website for? – user3892683 Jan 10 at 18:35
@user3892683 I just tested a few keys using the dash shell ("readline" editing/command completion gets in the way in bash). The "apps kept scrolling down" was a big clue as to which few I should try first. – Martin Thornton Jan 10 at 19:43
Ah, ok, I was kind of hoping there was some kind of website for it, but good method of course – user3892683 Jan 10 at 20:08
@user3892683: Here's a page with definitions for most common key combinations:… (scroll down a bit to see the esc_codes mapping) – nneonneo Jan 11 at 0:02

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