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I have installed Oneiric Oncelot. I wanted to change some keyboard shortcuts. So opened System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts. but i am unable to change any ketboard shortcuts. everything is disabled. even the add(+) and remove (-) options are disabled.

am i missing something here. i have installed compiz-settings-manager.

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If you highlight a row and press Enter you should be able to set the shortcut. It will change to "New Shortcut..." and wait for you to type something. Press Backspace will disable it.

enter image description here

I think you can only use the + and - buttons under the "Custom Shortcuts" section in the sidebar.

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Thanks it worked. but wondering why the behavior got changed from earlier version –  Surya Chaitanya Oct 25 '11 at 16:33

Shortcut settings can be reached under /apps/metacity/ in gconf-editor.

They're also reachable from /home/alice/.gconf/apps/metacity/

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