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Terminator tabs

When I open Terminator, I can move two Terminator in same tab using Ctrl + Tab.

How to move between two Terminator tabs?

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  • go to next tab: ctrl+pgdown
  • go to previous tab: ctrl+pgup
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It's working, Thanks for your answer – Amila Sampath Jan 7 at 6:28
It has to be noted that from screenshot in OP's question it's apparent OP is using the "Terminator" terminal emulator. The shortcut for a different terminal emulator may be different. For instance, I am using Sakura terminal emulator , which uses Alt+arrow keys – Serg Jan 7 at 7:03
Konsole uses Shift+arrow keys. – Mr Lister Jan 7 at 12:38

Here are some useful commands form ArchWiki for the Terminator:

F11 Toggle fullscreen
Ctrl + Shift + O Split terminals horizontally
Ctrl + Shift + E Split terminals vertically
Ctrl + Shift + W Close current Panel
Ctrl + Shift + T Open new tab
Alt + Move to the terminal above the current one
Alt + Move to the terminal below the current one
Alt + Move to the terminal left of the current one
Alt + Move to the terminal right of the current one

You cal also check out the settings to see all Keyboard shortcuts or to set your own shortcuts.

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this one is working for me – indi60 Apr 14 at 2:22

Use this shortcut
ctrl+alt+pgdown or pgup

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not working, but thank your answer – Amila Sampath Jan 7 at 6:28

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