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When my battery died and I started it again, it showd me a scan disc check screen. After which, it returned the black screen of before.

I pressed all the function keys one after the other then ran my hand all over the keyboard.

I am not sure what particular key triggered a 'DOS looking' log in screen. I inputed my old username and password and it brought me to a 'terminal like' interface.

I did sudo apt-get upgrade

and it returned

dpkg was interrupted you must manually run 'dpkg -- configure - a'

How to manually run 'dpkg --configure -a'??? plzzzzz help

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Just run dpkg --configure -a, this will run the dpkg software with the --configure and -a parameters which will fix your system.

Just type dpkg --configure -a at the command-line, just as you did when you typed sudo apt-get upgrade.

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