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This question by Paranoid Panda asks about incognito terminal use. This means history is not recorded in bash_history; so you can't access commands that were entered during that session.
However this only makes you 'incognito' on your own system, not to anyone else.

Is it possible to run an anonymous terminal session, so that any network-related commands entered in the command-line can not be traced back to the original user, for example the data packets I send to repos/sites/servers?

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Maybe you're looking for a proxy? – kos Jan 6 at 11:04
Then this isn't related to the terminal or shell at all. For network anonymity, you'd use a VPN or a proxy or a system-wide Tor. – Léo Lam Jan 6 at 11:54
Also unless you communicate your username or identity to the servers, they will only know your IP address, not your real name or even user account name. – Léo Lam Jan 6 at 11:55
@LéoLam I don't want them to see my IP address... – DevRobot Jan 6 at 12:03
As said above, you'll want to use a system-wide VPN or Tor then. Keep in mind that the IP is not something which was designed to be kept secret -- servers need it to send data back to you. You don't just get hacked if someone knows your IP, and sites cannot associate an IP with a person (again, unless you log in or have a profile on that site) but I suppose you know that. – Léo Lam Jan 6 at 13:13
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No this is not possible as the server needs your data to answer your requests. And you cannot force them to not save that data.

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