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Has anybody managed to use a Dell Latitude E6420 with Ubuntu 11.10 64bit installed on it with dual monitors? I could not get it working. I have the notebook plugged into the docking station with two monitors attached (one via VGA one via DVI). The same setup works pretty well with Windows 7. Any thoughts?

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I have this working, although it's worth noting that I have the Intel integrated graphics. If I boot with the laptop docked, I get the login screen replicated on both monitors, although not at the correct resolution. Once I log in, nine times out of ten, the left-hand DVI monitor goes blank but the right-hand VGA monitor is fine and at the correct resolution.

The only way I've found of waking up the left-hand monitor is to go to Displays and temporarily disable the left-hand monitor; specifically, I disable it and then click the "restore previous settings" button. Because the Displays window is necessarily on the right-hand monitor, when dropping to a single monitor, it gets moved one virtual desktop to the right -- that took a while to discover!

Aside from this, a suspend-undock-wake sequence completely and irretrievably corrupts the display on the laptop screen.

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