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Okay so I have Vista Home Basic 32 bit, and had recently installed Ubuntu 11.10, but I discovered when I tried to boot onto Vista, it said "Out of Range", I know that the message is talking about refresh rate or resolution and I am sure I have the same resolution in Ubuntu as Vista.

I'm pretty sure my refresh rate is 60hz, but the out of range message says:

MAX=1280x1024(current and same resolution on both boots)

1 last thing: I can't get into F8 boot menu for Windows. Any help is welcome!

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I had the same problem. The solution is here, basically:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

and change


to something like


That resolution might work. Finally:

sudo update-grub
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Okay what I did to solve the problem was installing boot-manager. This link will provide you with the instructions to help eliminate this issue! I run a rig with an Nvidia Pony 7900 GTX 528 mb ram and the monitor is a cheap Hyundai Model #: x93s

No actual drivers really for this monitor, even on win 7 I had to get a driver with a different prefix like k93s or something to that effect.

Boot-Manager will allow you to configure the resolution and bits.

Worked wonder for me so I recommend this if you want to eliminate the problem.


-Peace, Lorenzo

PS. I exhausted the grub edit method, did not work at all for me! I think it is also Video card specific, and also what kind of connection, such as VGA or DVI. Just an after thought!

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