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How do I open the file manager in superuser mode in the same way as doing gksu nautilus in Ubuntu.

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For your case you have the Thunar file manager in which case you would use:

gksu thunar or gksudo thunar


If you had Kubuntu then the File manager would be Dolphin in which case you would use:

kdesu dolphin or kdesudo dolphin

Ubuntu / Mythbuntu / Edubuntu

If you had Ubuntu you would use Nautilus as the File Manager and then would use:

gksu nautilus or gksudo nautilus.


If you had Lubuntu you would use PCManFM as the File Manager and then would use:

gksu pcmanfm or gksudo pcmanfm.

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kdesu doesn't seem to exist on Kubuntu Precise; you have to use kdesudo. – Mechanical snail Jan 18 '13 at 0:35
@Mechanicalsnail - Thanks for the update buddy. Have not yet on latest version but on older ones it did exist. – Luis Alvarado Jan 18 '13 at 0:37

The default file manager in xubuntu is Thunar.

gksu thunar

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