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I've installed Thunderbird and FireTray addon, then checked to minimize to tray on close. Now, if I start Thunderbird after quitting (Win+Q) and try to close with Alt+f4:

  • for the first time it's minimised properly to tray
  • on each next time I need to double press "close button", and if the window is not maximised
  • firstly it maximizes (first Alt+f4), then closes(second Alt+f4)

Could you help me, please?

Ubuntu 11.10, Unity 2d

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I was having a similar problem in that I would lose the menu after opening and closing Thunderbird a few times whenever Minimize to Tray Revived was activated.

A workaround was to actually disable Global Menu Bar Integration. Then you use Thunderbird's native menu when Minimize to Tray crashes Unity's.

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it behaves in an odd fashion for me in Unity (normal, compiz version). Basically I don't think it plays nice with Unity as things stand. It also loses its global menu after several open/close cycles.

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