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I have an HP LaserJet P1005. Printer is connected by USB and configured with hplib driver. I have to notebooks running Ubuntu.

Notebook A

  • Ubuntu 10.10
  • After connecting printer is doing some initialization work
  • Printing works without problems

Notebook B

  • Ubuntu 11.10
  • After connecting printer is quite, no initialization
  • No errors in syslog
  • Print jobs are send to the printer but printer does not execute the jobs, no error popups or error messages in syslog
  • After connecting the printer to notebook A and and back to notebook B printing works fine an notebook B

Can you help me?

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After installing the "HPLIP plugin" the printer works:

HPLIP Plugin Download:

To install, extract the tar, make the content executable an run it as root:

tar xvf hplip-3.11.7-plugin.tar
chmod 775
sudo ./

To configure hplip printers you can also install the HPLIP Gui from the repo, package name is hplip-gui:

sudo aptitude install hplip-gui
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