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When I play a movie on my TV through HDMI, I hear periodic short static sounds. This happens with all players in Ubuntu, so this is not a problem with the player. When I play a movie through HDMI in Windows the audio is fine, so this is not a hardware problem. I managed to set VLC to using ALSA from its preferences dialog, and I know that for sure because my volume control icon became disabled. But VLC's audio was working great, static sounds were gone, and additionally some audio sync issues I had with VLC were gone when using ALSA.

So are those problems all connected to pulseaudio, and how can I force VLC not to use it and use ALSA instead?

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It turns out pulseaudio can indeed be suspended with the pasuspender command, which is included by default in Ubuntu. That fixed the problem with the static sounds so pulseaudio was the culprit.

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