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Getting following error:

0:00:06.823128951  9039  0xa06fbe0 ERROR              avdtpsink audio/gstavdtpsink.c:1328:gst_avdtp_sink_audioservice_recv:<avdtpsink> BT_GET_CAPABILITIES failed : Input/output error(5)
0:00:06.823219466  9039  0xa06fbe0 ERROR              avdtpsink audio/gstavdtpsink.c:791:gst_avdtp_sink_get_capabilities:<avdtpsink> Error while getting device caps
0:00:06.823253130  9039  0xa06fbe0 ERROR              avdtpsink audio/gstavdtpsink.c:901:gst_avdtp_sink_start:<avdtpsink> failed to get capabilities from device

After clicking on play, the following dialog box pops up:

GStreamer output pipeline could not be initialized. The pipeline might be invalid, or the device may be in use. Check the player preferences.

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