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I have a download limit in my home PC so cannot download games from my home. Can you recommend few games that comes in a .deb package so that I can download them outside and bring them home to download.

Games like Max Payne or NFS (not exactly Max payn or NFS) for ubuntu. which I can download as .deb but not synaptic, as I have mentioned that I would download them outside my home and bring the deb home.


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er... where did you download them from? :) – badp Oct 14 '10 at 9:23
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A good choice is playdeb repo with a lot of games for ubuntu. You can go to website of playdeb find the game that you want and go to home page and download it.


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Games such as Max Payn or NFS are licensed by their owners and because they didn't created an ubuntu version you can't download any .deb after a legal purchase.

I however can suggest World of Goo. It costs only 20 bucks and it comes in a .deb package. See

Furthermore I suggest you to check the following site because it is all about ubuntu games. Be sure to check todays game of the week. It's a free game and I believe downloadable as a .deb.

Good luck, Martijn.

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I agree with KYI when it comes to World of Goo. Like my previous suggestion (Machinarium), World of Goo is a puzzle-based game. Here is the link: – Stéphane Oct 14 '10 at 9:36

Urban Terror

It is self contained, and would not require additional packages to be downloaded. It has binaries for all major OS in the same package. Keep note this is a multiplayer game.

Link -

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Here is an example of a game that runs well on Ubuntu. Just finished playing it recently:

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You should see Speed Dreams For NFS alternative.

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