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For only one user on the system, the window manager selection in the login screen of ubuntu 11.04 is not working. Irrespective of what I select (I have window maker also installed), unity is the one that starts up for that one user.

What files in that user's home directory could be causing the problem?

What log files can I look at to debug the problem?

I blew away .gconf and .gconfd. Still no luck.

The difference between the problem user and other is that that user's home directory used to exist under ubuntu 10.10. I reinstalled ubuntu 11.04 on a different partition and created a new user with the uids same as what it was under ubuntu 10.10. i.e., I am using the ubuntu 10.10 home directory for that user under ubuntu 11.04. The other users were created newly under ubuntu 11.04.

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