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I have this on the command line:

 ln -sf $PWD/wine-

and then I hit tab to complete the filename. In earlier versions of Ubuntu, this worked just fine to complete the wine- filename (and as a side-effect $PWD would be expanded at that time). But now it turns it in to

 ln -sf \$PWD/wine-

which isn't what I meant at all and doesn't complete anything as the file does not literally start with $.

How do I get completion back to the less broken behaviour?

set tells me these are my current settings:

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If you are affected by this bug please consider voting under the following url (requires login):… – cripton May 24 '12 at 17:03
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I've found that bash versions >= 4.2.29 have a new direxpand shopt setting. (See man docs/bash.1 if you check out a new bash, or see bash.1 from line 8951)

If one uses Quantal Quetzal 12.10 or otherwise gets hold of (or checks out and builds) a new bash, then:

shopt -s direxpand

Gives me the behavior I want, need and love.

Workaround: In the meantime, CTRL-ALT-e instead of tab does what I want too. But is awkward.

BTW, There are several threads called bash tab variable expansion question? in gnu.bash.bug. From reading them, I found the info here.

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a version of bash with direxpand is making its way into Precise (12.04): See – keturn Mar 31 '13 at 19:48
Would be even better if I didn't have my huge path expanded and could continue using an un-escaped variable with completion. – jozxyqk Aug 28 '14 at 6:17

search _filedir() in the top level bash_completion script and change the line

compopt -o filenames 2>/dev/null


compopt -o filenames -o noquote 2>/dev/null
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In 12.04 GNU bash, version 4.2.25 this suggestion gives the error: compopt: noquote: invalid option name – arielf Nov 14 '15 at 0:28

For those (like me) with 12.04 can use ~+ instead of $PWD...

for example :

cd /bin
echo ~+/ls
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Even with the updated bash, I was finding $ still gets escaped.

  • Removing the bash-completion (1:2.1-3.fc20) package
  • or simply not sourcing /etc/bashrc from ~/.bashrc seemed to fix it.

I suspect I'll now be missing some features I'm normally used to but haven't noticed any yet.

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I encountered the same problem with Bash in Cygwin. I fixed my problem by setting the following option.

shopt -s cdable_vars

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