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In 11.10, I want to customize keyboard shortcuts. Especially, I want to assign win+e for opening the home folder with nautilus. (If I can open a specific folder other than the home folder, it is better.) I opened the keyboard setting, and I see the following window:

Keyboard Shortcuts

What do all these mean? I have a shortcut for Home folder with the key stroke Explorer. What is Explorer? How can I customize?

If I want to assign a shortcut for opening a directory (say, document directory) with nautilus, what should I do?

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Explorer key stroke can be found in some laptops if you want to open home folder by nautilus this shortcut will not help you because it will open using thunder file manager so click custom shortcut and press + then in the enter a name you want and in the command write this nautilus /home/<your username> or any directory instead

then choose a shortcut to it by clicking Disable then stroke the key that you want to be a shortcut from keyboard

it will work

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I tries this. My command is nautilus /home/snooc but it does not work. The shortcut says Super+E .. any guess why it won't work? – displayname Mar 2 '14 at 19:04

In the Keyboard window, on the Shortcuts tab, select the line that says Home folder and hit Enter. Then input your shortcut: win+e

enter image description here

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