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I upgraded my ubuntu OS from 11.04 to 11.10 a few days ago. During this process the update manager alerted me that it encountered some errors, and suggested I send a bug report. I tried to send it, but somehow there wasn't an internet connection anymore so I couldn't send it after all.

After I rebooted, the login screen seemed to be okay, but the second time I logged in to my account and ever since I only see the desktop background without any panels. I can't add a screenshot but basically on top of the desktop image it shows all the options of nautilus (bookmarks, edit, ...)

It has to be something specificaly wrong this account, because when I open the guest account, it has everything there.

Is there any way to solve this?

Thank you

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It sounds like unity may have got a bit broken on upgrade. You can try fixing it by opening a terminal and typing:

unity --reset

If it doesn't work, please add the output of that command to your question.

Also it might be worth uninstalling the nautilus-open-terminal package if you had it installed - this caused compiz crashes (launchpad bug) which might lead to your problems. The fix is currently in the oneiric-proposed repository, and should be generally available soon, but not quite yet.

Alternatively, this answer suggests:

I found the workaround here:

sudo rm /usr/share/GConf/gsettings/pythonconsole.convert

Then, to solve definitely at every login, I had to create a launcher to gnome-settings-daemon in my home folder and add it to my startup applications.

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