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In 11.04(classic edition) and before, one of the best features of Ubuntu was the workspace switcher, none of the other major OS had something like that built natively. I work with 2 workspaces, one left and the other right. I will right click apps from left workspace and throw them to the right and vice versa.

In 11.10, I have to:

  1. Open workspace from the launcher
  2. Drag the app to the other workspace
  3. Double click back on my original workspace

What used to take 2 clicks, now takes 1 click, 1 double click and a drag. Is that the modern way to switch apps between workspaces?

In older Ubuntu, I had the 2 workspace icons at the bottom right corner of my screen. I can then single click on the left or right workspace for switching. I'm now doing step 1 and 3 from above to perform that single.

Are there any shortcuts or customization to reduce the number of events I have to go through to perform those simple actions?

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The keyboard shortcuts are listed here:

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Welcome to AU. When posting a link that answers a question, it is appreciated if you include the specific answer in the text of the question in addition to the link. In this case, "ctrl+alt+shift+arrow to move window" or something like that. – David Oneill Mar 27 '12 at 23:11

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