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Possible Duplicate:
How do I fix Flash issues?

According to Adobe statements they gave up support for hardware acceleration in newest flash player for linux :( Is there any other dev/alpha/beta version of flash player which enables hardware acceleration in Ubuntu 11.10?

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marked as duplicate by Luis Alvarado, Jorge Castro, Ringtail, Takkat, fossfreedom Nov 16 '12 at 21:39

This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question.

Jorge's edited question. It's about Ubuntu 11.10 and current version of Flash Player 11 – Daimon Oct 23 '11 at 17:07

If you have nvidia card, install drivers and vdpau files and you will have h/w with flash.

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What are vdpau files? And how to install them? – BЈовић Oct 22 '11 at 15:49
Check software center for vdpau, install them and only if you have nvidia card and have installed necessary drivers for them. – Arup Oct 23 '11 at 0:15
Of course i have binary drivers and vdpau installed... that's not the problem. Read questions more carefully – Daimon Oct 23 '11 at 9:10

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