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How can I have unity in ubuntu 11.10 to remove the names of deinstalled applications from the list of default applications? I have removed all internet browser applications with software center. They dont disappear from the list of default applications in system information. In Unity in ubuntu 11.10 there is a bottom for shutdown on the upper menuebar. There you can find system settings. inside that system settings menue there is an icon "system information", where you can find default applications. Application names dont disappear, when you deinstall an application. How can I let this names disappeare?

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I'm assuming you mean the list of applications in the open with tab in file properties. You can check ~/.local/share/applications for any left over *.desktop files, these may be the cause of the extra applications. Rather don't just delete the files, first move them and see if it solves your problem – Ciaran Liedeman Oct 22 '11 at 11:17
sudo update-alternatives --list <group>
sudo update-alternatives --remove <group> <app> 

where is the application you removed but still listed in , and is the alternative name you want to change.

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