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Is there a tablet version of Ubuntu? Will it run on the iPad or motion LE1600?

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There was speculation on the 18th of February 2013 about HTC releasing a tablet that runs the Ubuntu OS. Information about this can be found in the following sites:

The Ubuntu site on the same day offered a countdown that would end on February 19th 2013. The countdown when finished showed the following video:

Apart from the information provided above, you can also read the following link for more information regarding Tablets:

One thing we can see from the information here is the hardware requirements for Tablets:

enter image description here

Regarding the installation of Ubuntu (Or any other Distro for that matter), please see my answer here: How can I install Ubuntu on an iPad?

I also recommend reading this question: What is 'Ubuntu for phones' and how can I get it?

UPDATE Feb 21 2013 - The Ubuntu Phone, Tablet Developer Preview has been released

You can also visit the official Touch site

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What does it mean "full desktop convergence"? – leonard vertighel Feb 21 '13 at 17:26
@leonardvertighel that it will do the following: Offer a look that when connected to a TV will still look the same and that this same look (Resolution, Size or Distance between all objects shown if you will) will look the same when connected to a monitor. Look at the video I provided and go to the time 2:42 in the video. That is desktop convergence right there. – Luis Alvarado Feb 21 '13 at 17:53

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