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I would like to install a Lexmark X7675 printer. The installed Ubuntu version is 11.10.
I tried to look on the Lexmark website, but I only found drivers for Ubuntu versions older than 11.10.
So I tried to install the driver for 10.04 but without success. It ask for password on the terminal, I enter the correct password, but it ask for the password again. It is the administrator password.

Original (italian):

Vorrei installare la stampante Lexmark X7675. La versione di ubuntu installata è la 11.10. Ho provato a cercare nel sito Lexmark ma ho trovato versioni precendenti alla 11.10 . Ho provato comunque ha installare la 10.04 ma niente da fare. Installando i driver da terminale, chiede la password e, anche se corretta, non mi fa proseguire, richiedendomi nuovamente la password. La password è quella di amministratore.

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I dont have this particular printer - but I can confirm your issue if you follow the lexmark website instructions... (N.B. download the DEB not the RPM package)

if you prefix sudo to the install instructions then the package is installed...

enter image description here

Obviously - since I dont have this printer, I cant get past this screen. I hope you can :)

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