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Is there any application for Ubuntu that can convert CHM files to ebook compatible with kindle?

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I've been using Calibre for converting formats to my Kindle. I've not actually tested with a CHM so please leave a comment with your results.

calibre Install calibre

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works out of shelf for me: but my chm had no images (except the cover and that got handled properly). – user2413 May 27 '14 at 15:16

I've tried using Calibre for this matter but it doesn't seem to be very clear (maybe it's just me). I tend to get dizzy with so many options.

chm2mobi doesn't quite get there (at least it doesn't ask for so many options). I get a mobi but with warnings: links and images are not quite there. To run it I'm editing filenames to remove any spaces in it (it doesn't handle them, as stated in the script's site) and run it like:

chm2mobi dir/and/filename.chm dir/and/

Anyone had better results with any of these? What options are you giving Calibre?

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