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After upgrading to 11.10, after each login the computer becomes slow and the hard-disk noisy (sounds like reading/writing/defragmenting). When I "stop" the process gnome-settings-manager in the system monitor, everything is normal again and fast.

I don't believe that this endless read-write-loop is intended behavior. How do I proceed to solve this problem?

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I forgot, maybe relevant: fresh install (configuration files are not from older version) and ecryptfs-encrypted home directory. – Gerd Oct 20 '11 at 19:06

Install upgrades. There is a proposed upgrade for gnome-settings-daemon, so you should see it soon. I don't know if it fixes your bug, though, but if you enable the Proposed-repository in your Software Sources, then you can see for yourself. There is a reason why they're proposed and not released, though. Proposed updates may break things. :)

But if you're patient, then you should see the update without doing anything.

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