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How does one prevent Nautilus from automatically opening a window when a USB flash drive is inserted in Oneiric?

The autoplay options appear to be missing from Nautilus' preferences, and using gconf-editor to enable 'media_autorun_never' (as suggested by this old thread: appears to have no effect, even after logging out and logging back in.

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In System Settings -> Removable Media you have the options for that...

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Thanks--that worked great. For people using alternative windows managers (Xmonad for the win), System Settings can be accessed with the command gnome-control-center – cqcallaw Nov 24 '11 at 3:11

The option in System Settings only allows you to block auto-plays from all insert-able media. If you want to block unknown devices such as memory sticks, but keep customized settings such as automatically loading your favorite DVD player when inserting a DVD, then you need edit the settings through the dconf-editor (the gconf-editor method didn't work for me either).

See this launchpad discussion for details.

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