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Similar question here: How to get back the »open parent« button in 11.10?

However, I want always-use-location-entry to be true. So I am not using breadcrumbs.

The shortkeys, both Backspace and AltUp, are quite helpful. However, since I'm mainly using my mouse in Nautilus, I'd much prefer to actually have a button present that I can click. Then I don't have to switch between keyboard and mouse all the time.

Is there a way to add this button/functionality, while keeping always-use-location-entry to be true?

Another workable solution would be to use both breadcrumbs and the location-entry; so a parent is clickable, but I can also type a path directly.

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There is a patch for nautilus to add the up button to the toolbar: – user41505 Jan 11 '12 at 16:17

Update 2012-01-27: An (unofficial) patch has been created to provide this functionality

At the time the question was asked, you had two options, which I retain below for those who don't want to patch and build their own version of Nautilus.

  1. With always-use-location-entry true, there is no button for the parent folder. You can use any of the following:

    • Use the menu-bar (Go->Open Parent)
    • Use the keyboard shortcuts (Alt+Up or Backspace)
  2. With always-use-location-entry false, you will see breadcrumbs to show a higher level folder. To type a location, you must:

    • Press Ctrl+L
    • Use the Go->Location menu option

Regardless of which you decide to use, I would suggest giving some love and support to the bugs on both the Ubuntu project and the Gnome project:

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You could also press Ctrl+L, type "..", and press Enter to go up one level. In a file open dialog, type ".." into the Location box. – wjandrea Jun 8 at 17:50

Solely using the mouse don't see much to do except, - I find the right click on the back arrow icon to be quite useful, should list all folders you accessed to get where you are

Not quite the same but handy

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