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I'd like to modify the LiveCD to boot with the NVidia binary drivers. Any ideas of how that might be done? I've tried several approaches, even a manual installation of the NVidia installer in a chrooted filesystem, but no success so far.

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Create a Live USB instead of a Live CD. Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator application will let you do this, and it allows you to save data as well as a persistent storage medium. You will need to load the ISO onto the USB and run it, install the NVidia drivers and you can then reuse it. It effectively becomes a portalable Ubuntu.

Here are some instructions on the Ubuntu Help website:

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Thanks! And I could do that and then recreate the CD ISO from the altered USB filesystem. Anything I should watch for while moving back to the CD? – brunobg Oct 20 '11 at 11:47
Sorry, I've never gone from USB to ISO, so I can't tell if the new ISO that you create will work. CDs/DVDs use ISOLINUX, while USBs use SYSLINUX. I will speculate and say that even if you take the USB's contents and simply image it, it won't work. You'll probably need to stick to the USB drive. – Mendhak Oct 23 '11 at 7:33

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