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When I push the shutdown button in the shutdown dialog my notebook (Lenovo X220) does a restart instead.

I also tried running the "sudo shutdown -P now" from command line -> same result!

Before upgrading to 11.10 everything was fine.

Anybody else experiences this malfunction? Any tips to make it work again?

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I'm here on Xubuntu 11.10 with an x220 i5 and experienced the same issue.

Installing laptop-mode-tools (with aptitude install laptop-mode-tools --without-recommends) fixed it for me.

(found the hint via

I came up with another solution that does not involve laptop-mode-tools. Maybe it works for others. The problem seems to occur when power-management for PCI(e) devices is enabled (set to "auto"). Here are two ways to check that:

  1. run powertop, switch to the "Tunables" tab and see if your "Runtime PM for PCI*" entries are marked as "Good"
  2. cat /sys/bus/pci/devices/*/power/control and see if it outputs some "auto" values. "auto" causes the shutdown problems on my machine while "on" does not.

I created an init.d script to handle that (and other stuff like setting battery charge threshs and the like), available via pastebin.


  • The script runs fine on my machine. This does not mean it will run on others due to missing programs, etc.
  • The script does more than (potentially) circumventing the shutdown problem, so please read it first.
  • I am not sure that "auto" brings any benefit at all ;)

Hope it helps.

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I executed the recommended command. It said that laptop-mode-tools is already installed but somehow now it works! Thank you for the advice! – lebenlechzer Nov 1 '11 at 10:31

I have laptop-mode-tools installed but the problem occurs anyway. Oneiric with gnome/unity, on an i7 x220. Happens whether I do sudo shutdown -h now or shutdown via the gui. My only workaround is to hold the power button after reboot.

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