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i recently updated my ubuntu from 11.04 to 11.10 today, in this i know that it is with kernel 3.0 now after installation when i rebooted my system.i had the same old kernel so i dig in to it and found out that my boot menu was not getting updated!! then i saw my /boot dir and found that i had and all versions but my grub2 is not updating boot menu!! what to do? i tried boot-repair,grub customizer and also reinstalled grub2 but i m still unable to fix this issue!! so can u suggest any solution and yes i m not very command line friendly :)

hint:- i tried command

sudo update-grub


sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

but both say "syntax error"

DOUBT:- i experimented BURGE boot-loader 7 to 8 months back!!was working well but it broke my plymouth so i removed it.but i think since then my kernel header is not being updated!! so could it be the coz of my problem? :)

sorry4such long post,but i thought this details might help u find some solutions thanks bye.. :(

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Yes, that could be the problem. BURG overwrite your GRUB configuration in MBR and so you MUST repair it to make it work again.

You should repair your grub following this guide (also if you didn't install Windows) and then everything will be fine.

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