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I used the Ubuntu 11.10 iso and did a dd to create a LiveUSB. I also used gParted to assign the extra space to a second VFAT partition. Is there any way to mount the additional space while running from the LiveUSB image on the same device?

When I try I get an error that the device is busy? My steps were the same as those documented at this site: I also noticed that when I insert this USB into a windows machine I'm unable to access the VFAT section of USB.

Is there anyway to mount sdb2 under Windows?

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why didnt you use the easy way of creating usb disk i.e "System->Administration->Create a USB startup disk"? – binW Nov 24 '11 at 12:54
Using Create USB startup disk does not allow the liveUSB to access an additional partition that would also be available to Windows. – Andrew Stern Jun 21 '12 at 19:11

use disk utility to first see which partitions have been created and then you may modify them.Formatting alone the pen drive will not do.

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Just checking, but when you insert the USB in to a running linux system can you mount the second partition? That is, did you partition it correctly, did you format the new partition? If you put data in to the second partition can you read that when using the LiveUSB distro.

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The second partition works correctly and is mountable when inserted into a running system that is not started from the same USB. I want to keep the readonly on the system since I don't want to save changes to the operating system but I want to access the files for read and write on the additional partition so that I can work on documents stored on the extra space. – Andrew Stern Oct 20 '11 at 16:24

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