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I would like to configure and change some shortcut keys of Nautilus (file manager of Ubuntu). Does anyone know where I could do that?

Edit1: Precisely, initial binding for "go to parent folder" in Nautilus is Tab + Up arrow, I would like to chang it to Ctrl + Up arrow because Tab + Up arrow has already been set to other things via Compiz.

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This Nautilus extension allows you to edit keyboard shortcuts (accelerators).

After installing the extensions go to Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts... in the main menu and search for the Up action in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog. Click the Key cell corresponding to this action and enter a shortcut:

enter image description here

Unlike the can_change_accels solution this will also work with Unity's global menus.

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In Ubuntu 13.04 at least, the keyboard shortcuts for Nautilus are mapped in the "~/.config/nautilus/accels" file. Edit that file to change the mappings.

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I assume, you mean the keys for something that can be found in nautilus' menu bar. First: This doesn't work if the global menu is on. Since you can't disable it for nautilus on a per-window basis (for nautilus is always running in the background), you should either log in to a non-unity-session (like gnome shell) or disable it for all windows. (Here is a guide how to disable it). You have to change a setting in gconf-editor (which might not yet be installed on your system, but can be found in software center). The key you need to enable is:


Probably you need to log off and back on again to make this change take effect. Afterwards just point at the menu entry whose schortcut you want to change and press the desired keys. After all changes are done, you can turn on global menu again.

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Thanks for your comment... I have updated my post... Actually, what I want to change ("go to parent folder", "go previous", "go forward"...) can not be found in the menu bar... Do you have any idea? – SoftTimur Oct 19 '11 at 19:22
On my system these functions can be found in the menu called "Gehe zu" (german - in english it's probably named "Go to"). You should therefore be able to change them. – soulsource Oct 21 '11 at 7:02

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