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I've just installed Ubuntu Server 11.10 and the tilde (~) and double quotes (") keys don't do anything - they don't print to the screen. I'm only using the command line (no GUI) and many tutorials say to use setxkbmap and xmodmap which aren't working for me.

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Check your keyboard layout settings, make sure it's English (US) not English (US, international with dead keys) (assuming you're using US keyboard).

To change it from the command line, enter the following:

$ setxkbmap -layout us

It worked for me.

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Sorry about not getting back too soon. I solved the problem via installing/running console-setup and changing the layout from there. – sagaci Nov 27 '11 at 14:41

If you're using an international keyboard, try English US, with the variant English (international AltGr dead keys), this worked for me. (Whereas US, alternative international and US, international with dead keys did not work).

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You can change the keyboard in the Ubuntu System Settings, Text Entry. Remove the English(UK) from 'Input sources to use:' by selecting it in the list and clicking '-'. (Tested in ubuntu 14.04)

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