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copied='cp -v *SNAPSHOT.jar /home/user/folder'

prints information about copied files


gdialog --title "done" --clear --yesno "done $copied" 15 60

shows command that was executed, so it shows

done cp -v *SNAPSHOT.jar /home/user/folder

How to make gdialog show information about copied files ?

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When you write

copied='cp -v *SNAPSHOT.jar /home/user/folder'

this is only a variable assignment, the command is executed when you write


that is equivalent to

cp -v *SNAPSHOT.jar /home/user/folder

If you want to capture the output of the command you should do

output=$(cp -v *SNAPSHOT.jar /home/user/folder)

this execute the cp command and put the stdout of the command in the variable output. Then you can use this variable to show the message in gdialog:

gdialog --title "done" --clear --yesno "done $output" 15 60
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this also can be done by using ` instead of ' – UAdapter Oct 19 '11 at 7:34

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