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My upgrade to 11.10 failed some how. Now I can't get Ubuntu to reboot. I get a command line and now I just want to go and save my documents, pictures, ect. and just do a clean install. How do I access my files to back them up?

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You can use live cd and backup your data and then do fresh install. Choose Try Ubuntu in ubuntu installation process.

If you have a separate home partition you can recover your data if you donot format it during installation.[Although you can use the same mount point]

From command line you could recover your data if you know basic shell commands:

cd /home/YOUR_USER_NAME/ is the path where documents and pictures are located. Just do cp to copy your data. I think you will need mount as well to use your external drive if you have one.

So basically

sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sd[abc][123] SOME_PATH[Given You have a FAT pen drive]


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