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I have encountered an application issue that I know has a bug assigned in both Launchpad and the external tracker the application project actually uses (in this case Google Code). I understand that Launchpad can integrate with external trackers (and can see an example assigned against another package in this bug).

I have a Launchpad login. I can click on the pencil icon next to the status to change it (for example, change to "Confirmed") but I don't get an option to associate the bug with an external issue, which is what I actually want to do. Do I not have permission to, or is there some other option that I'm missing?

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There is an "Also affects project" link on the bug which would allow you to link to the rabbitvcs project on launchpad.

enter image description here

As you are adding it from the context of the rabbitvcs ubuntu package, it will automatically select the upstream rabbitvcs project on launchpad & allow you to paste in the URL.

enter image description here

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