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Is there any way to get an analogue clock in the panel?

I'm not interested in docks, only the the gnome panel, like recent versions of Mac OS support.

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The default clock does not support an analogue mode. However, I did find this email. It suggests an application called gpe-clock. The application is not the most visually appealing with a dark panel theme, but it does support adding a basic analogue clock to the panel. This is what it looks like:

analogue gpe-clock in Ubuntu panel

So as you can see, the clock is very basic, but it is analogue. The email says:

To put the newly installed applet on your panel, you need to right-click on an empty space on the panel bar and click on "Add to panel...". For the rest, you should have no problems.

However, gpe-clock did not show up in the list of applets for me. I had to go to Applications->Accessories->Alarm clock to add it.

You can set it to analogue mode by clicking on the applet and selecting 'Preferences'. From there, simply select 'Analogue format' and hit 'OK'.

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At this point in time, I have not seen any applet for an analogue clock. In the era before Gnome 2, I do remember having one.

According to all my searches (forums, freshmeat, gtkapps, etc) the closest solution is a dock (like docky or awn) or cairo-clock. Unforunately those do not meet the needs you specified.

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