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The following versions of Chromium are available at the moment :

All packages for Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot.

However, as per Chromium Developer Calendar, the following versions are released for Linux:

linux   dev     16.0.904.0
linux   beta    15.0.874.92
linux   stable  14.0.835.202

Is there any way I can get the latest developer build running on my system (without compiling it)

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Alternative Chromium PPA

The PPAs above are not being updated at all. Alex Shkop has taken up responsibility to keep a better, more updated PPA set for chromium. They include:

Note: The above PPAs are only for 12.04 at the moment.

Bleeding Edge Chromium Binaries

You can download the continuous builds from here. This will get you the last bleeding-edge chromium revision which passed the test suite.

To install them, just extract the zip file somewhere (I use ~/apps/) and run the chrome binary inside.

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Sorry, you found the right place to get them, but they were just not up to date, the Chromium daily PPA has been restarted.

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