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I am trying to create a shared folder.

Installed Samba (as I have done on plenty of occasions for other releases) create the shared folder, all the appropriate privileges, etc, all with no problem.

However, I cannot see the shared folder on any other PC on my local network. The other PC's are Ubuntu 10.10 and a WinXP.

Is there a hidden file I have to alter? I have checked the Samba config and that seems all ok.

I do rely on a GUI, but I have a little terminal knowledge and checked what I can.

The strange thing is that the Ubuntu 11.10 PC can see a storage server running Ubuntu 10.04, but cannot see a shared folder on a PC running 10.10.

I am using Ubuntu 11.10 64bit, is 32bit less buggy?


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Not sure why but after some updates the issue has been resolved. The 64bit, has proven to be very stable and networking fine. – pst007x Oct 27 '11 at 23:14
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Updates resolved issues for me

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some thing to do with samba config utility i am trying to figure out but here is a clue

my problem is i can get samba config utility work

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