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I have a Samsung Clx2120N multi-functional (scanner, printer and copier) and this is connected to router (home office), I have two computers and one notebook in the network, but no has a server printer, all equipment send jobs for print direct, they have a network printer configured. I tried several times to install the scanner and I don't have success. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Can you edit you answer to clarify whether you are talking about 2120N or 2160N please? – 8128 Oct 13 '10 at 16:55

System -> Administration -> User and Groups and add 'cupsys' user to the 'shadow' group.

Get the driver from Samsung. Go to cups admin localhost:631 with your browser then click on the Administration tab

  • Is printer detected?

    • Yes! click on the button to Add your detected printer
    • No! Click on Add Printer
      • Select 'Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) enter the IP Address of your printer
      • Use provide a PPD File (because I don't think printer is in the list?)
      • Click on Browse to find were to find driver stuff you downloaded, PPD file here
      • Click on Modify Printer, Authentication -> enter username and password here
  • Printer is installed

    • Click on the Printers tab
    • Any Warning Message
      • If rastertosamsungsplc is not found or something like that then
        • Copy raster* files to /usr/lib/cups/filter/
      • Reboot
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Sorry did not read the answer before, but installing the printer on the network ok, I had no problems using it normally, including the upgrade to version 4.11, ubuntu it automatically search the network and install, and my scanner probelema the network does not work, I can not access it on any machine, is it possible for windows with the correct drivers, the solution I currently use is to scan to a thumb drive. I wonder if I can even use the scanner to make the network available on Linux. Thank you. – rogerio Jul 13 '11 at 20:03

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