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I use Hotspot Shield (Free VPN) on the Window side when I'm out of the house. Do anyone know of a similar tool or service for Ubuntu?

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VPN One Click is free (for one year) for Linux, Windows and Android.

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There are many (free and paid) different VPN services with Linux support:

How to install ItsHidden.

Alternatively you can install OpenVPN server on your home PC and use it as a gateway.

If you only need IP anonymity and don't mind of VPN you can also try TOR.

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Based on their web site, Hotspot Shield is not a VPN but just a web proxy service that you connect to with HTTPS:

Hotspot Shield protects your identity by ensuring that all web transactions
(shopping, filling out forms, downloads) are secured through HTTPS.

It should be possible to connect to it from Ubuntu too, but maybe you'll have to configure things manually (e.g. if you need SSL certificates). You might want to contact them about that.

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VpnReactor works pretty well and has nice free plan.

There is a tutorial how to install it on Linux.

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Quasi Network has a trial period you can use for free. But even if you use paid option it is very cheap, much cheaper then VPN.

And yes, there is Ubuntu package.

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You can use this website to configure the PPTP that's built in on Linux

I have tested it and it works perfectly.

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Works for me. Though what's the catch? – Fidel Jun 21 '14 at 11:32

Ubuntu provides openvpn as a package that can be used to create virtual private networks between different computers over a public network.

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To clarify, openvpn is NOT the answer, nor is any proxy server - because the QUESTION is about free vpn "services", not free vpn "servers" (huge difference!), nor proxy servers (even bigger difference).

The only free VPN service that works on Ubuntu is cyberghost.

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