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I'm trying to access some file on my company's local network. The file I was looking for appears to be a Windows shortcut (.lnk) and, of course, I can't follow it from my Ubuntu.

I didn't find any option with smbclient to be able to access what's behind the link. Does anyone have an idea on how to get there?

I don't need Samba to follow the link, I just need to know where it goes, so I can access the file directly.

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You can either

  1. Try opening the file using an editor (like gedit) and see if it helps you see the link's target.

  2. Use lnkforward (Kubuntu Only)

  3. Use Strings
    strings filename.lnk
    Gives out lots of information, including the target location.


[1940][DC++]$ strings Uninstall.lnk 
Program Files
C:\Program Files\DC++\uninstall.exe
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The editor works, it's not very user-friendly but one can read the important informations anyway. I didn't try lnkforward. strings is exactly what I wanted! Thanks a lot! – SteeveDroz Oct 18 '11 at 6:58

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