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I use the ROOT analysis data framework for work, and it isn't available in the repos anymore (removed from 11.04 due problems compiling due to directory changes in Debian, I think I read).

Anyone tried to compile this is in 11.10, or know if it will be made available later?

Searching for answers is made difficult by its ridiculous name.

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I've managed to install root 5.32 from source using thses instructions and being careful to include all the necessary pre-requisites.

Using Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit is easier, 64 bit root looks for libraries in the wrong places as Ubuntu changed its structure in 11.04, a fix was to manually copy them.

I think it was only copying or linking from here /usr/local/lib/X11/libX11* to /usr/lib32/

Bit more detail on How do I install root-cern?

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