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My computer can run Unity 3D comfortably, and I don't really want Unity 2D as a fallback. Can I remove it without breaking my system?

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Yes, and you'll save 205KB of diskspace. sudo apt-get remove unity-2d.

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If i remove unity 2d Will I get update for it? – Ravi Jun 8 '12 at 14:01

I wouldn't recommend it. What if your video card fails and you use an old spare part to get something done in a pinch, and it doesn't work with 3D right away? Or even just something goes wrong with configuration on a future update?

I suppose you can apt-get it again, but why the hassle?

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Of Course you can, just use sudo apt-get remove unity-2d.

My Two Cents: This will not modify your Unity 3d as they are 2 different packages. But in my opinion failing of your default graphics card and id your alternate card(if any) wont work with 3d right away, you can use unity 2d. you can use apt-get again but why go through the waste of time? Besides it only takes 205KB of disk space.

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AFAIK Unity 2D and 3D are different packages. So it should not broke anything!

check this

How to remove unity and unity-2d?

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