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I have the error when I tried to run the modelsim 6.6d and display this below and it was fine in previously 11.04 version

Error: cannot find /home/mark/altera/11.0/modelsim_ase/bin/../linux_rh60/vlog The vlog should be in directory of /home/mark/altera/11.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vlog

But, I don't understand why is looking for linux_rh60/vlog?

Has anyone seen this error before?

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To fix this, you have to edit the vsim file with

gksu gedit vsim

in the bin directory. The thing is that if the linux version is 3.x.x.x there a condition that searches in an unexistent directory, so edit the line (204 aprox.)

  *)                vco="linux_rh60" ;;


***)                vco="linux" ;;**

also, you have to change the line 13 (first non-comment line)



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