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I've read the lot of topics on plymouth and nvidia drivers.

However my question is focused on why the difference between live cd and installation?

By "the perfectly looking boot" I mean:

  • the boot animation starts at the appropriate time (immediately)
  • the bootscreen animation resolution matches my screen
  • the transition between bootscreen and login/desktop is smooth
  • i can start using my desktop with no lagging due to loading that is still being performed

Once I install Ubuntu on my hard drive though, some or all of the 4 points above are not true.

I've been having this issues since I started using Ubuntu extensively which was around version 10.04.

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"the bootscreen animation resolution matches my screen"

That works only if you're using kernel modesetting, which means no proprietary graphics drivers (nvidia or amd fglrx)

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I'm not using proprietary drivers. I just did a clean 11.10 install. Still the same. – antitoxic Oct 17 '11 at 12:17

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