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I have added the partner repository, however when issuing aptitude install skype the proposed solution is to remove all of libs concerning kde4, plasma, dolphin and a hundred other packages. That seems very wrong, I dont want to remove my kde4 plasma desktop just to install a 32bit program.


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Skype, apt-get, aptitude

With the apt-get:

Updating the package database:

:~$ sudo apt-get update

Cleaning the package archives:

:~$ sudo apt-get clean

Looking packages:

:~$ apt-cache show skype


Package: skype
Priority: extra
Section: net
Installed-Size: 29200
Maintainer: Brian Thomason <****>
Architecture: i386
Recommends: sni-qt
Filename: pool/partner/s/skype/skype_2.2.0.35-0oneiric2_i386.deb

-> It is in the partner repositories /1/,/2/.

Simulation with the apt-get:

:~$ sudo apt-get install -s skype

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
The following extra packages will be installed:
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  skype sni-qt
0 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 0 to remove and 10 not upgraded.
Inst sni-qt (0.2.5-0ubuntu1 Ubuntu:11.10/oneiric [i386])
Inst skype ( Partner archive:11.10/oneiric [i386])
Conf sni-qt (0.2.5-0ubuntu1 Ubuntu:11.10/oneiric [i386])
Conf skype ( Partner archive:11.10/oneiric [i386])

-> Will install two packages, shouldn't remove KDE.

apt-get help:

:~$ apt-get  --help

man pages:

:~$ man apt-get

With the aptitude you could ask why,why-not

 why          - Show the manually installed packages that require a package, or
                why one or more packages would require the given package
 why-not      - Show the manually installed packages that lead to a conflict
                with the given package, or why one or more packages would
                lead to a conflict with the given package if installed.

aptitude help/man pages:

:~$ aptitude --help

:~$ man aptitude

Maybe the

:~$ aptitude why-not skype

could tell what package(s) is/are conflicting with the skype.

Oneiric & muon

The Muon is a GUI /3/,/4/. Kubuntu 11.10 /5/ is using the muon suite (Muon Software Center,Muon Package Manager) as default package manager GUI.


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Actually you do not need to add any repository. The latest version of skype comes with the package manager Muon. Just open Muon and search for skype. you will notice its the 2.2.x version of it. Right click on the package and select install. Then apply it. Done.

Also you are correct, the removal of all of those packages is not needed to install Skype (It would be crazy). Maybe the repository you added had something wrong.

INFO - (Additional info about Muon)

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I find it strange that Skype 2.2.x is not in the repos in KDE and updated to the latest libraries in the KDE platform since I can see it in Ubuntu and both share almost the same repos. I will install KDE tomorrow just to test this out. Of course doing the same as the OP did. – Luis Alvarado Jan 28 '12 at 20:40

The removal of those packages is exactly what happened to me when I installed Skype. It broke my Plasma desktop effects.

Then I had to re-install plasma-desktop and manually switch on again "Enable Desktop Effects at Startup" under System Settings > Desktop Effects. Also make sure to use XRender under Desktop Effects > Advanced > Compositing Type, in case OpenGL isn't working for your graphics card.

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